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Pine and Cedar Lodge

At Rose Cotterill Cabins we pride ourselves on our homely, warm and welcoming service. The beautiful Canadian lodges speak for themselves, as does the picturesque surroundings of South Wales and the Neath Valley.

From the furnishings, to the 1.5 acres of fantastically maintained fields, Rose Cotterill Cabins will provide a wonderful base for your trip away. On site there is plenty of space for children to run around and play in a safe outdoor space, with a new outdoor play area dedicated to the beautiful Freya Bevan; there's also walking and mountain bike trails which weave through the undulating open countryside. There is so much within touching distance for you to get involved with, alternatively you can relax in the tranquil setting amongst the fields, trees and wildlife.

Photos courtesy of Mike Greenslade Photography 07989075208 and Dan Evans @redmediawales 01792 362122.

If you have any pictures from your stay that you wish us to put on our website and/or social media, then please email them to or tag us on our social media.

We would LOVE to see them and share your experiences.

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